FiFo flow rack

Shelving, storage and picking solution

Treston FiFo Flow Rack is a flexible shelving, storage and picking solution. It brings the items from the warehouse nearby the production, assembly or packing station. Ensures the needed parts are at hand and no time is wasted searching for items, supporting LEAN operations. FiFo (First in First out) flow ensures the oldest components are available first and the inventory is at a good level. Reduce errors and allow personnel to concentrate on the work at hand improving quality. 

  • Modify easily for different bins and item sizes ‘on the fly’, no tools needed 
  • A large selection of accessories 
  • Turn into an ergonomic workstation by adding a shelf, lights or accessories on a swivel arm.
  • Multiply the storage space easily by extending the basic rack module with additional rear and side modules. No need to adjust the basic rack.
  • Quick and easy to assemble, only an Allen key needed.
  • An included magnetic spirit level helps in levelling the structure and the roller tops.  
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