Treston smart workplace

Smart Workspaces

Smart workspaces adapt to any environment, process, and person

The industrial furniture that people use for working, either alone, in a group, or with a robot, must be modular and ergonomic to be well-functioning, efficient and safe. Workspaces as well as working methods that are constantly changing must be easily adaptable to suit any given process.

Innovative, adaptable products

The modular Treston industrial furniture solutions are designed to be adaptable and configurable. The same standard units, along with the necessary accessories, are suited to meet many different needs. They offer an ergonomic workstation solution in which the employee’s individual needs and the requirements of each task are taken into account. A quality piece of furniture is designed with the user in mind, and it can easily be adapted or reconfigured. With the widest range of accessories on the market, any user, workplace, and industrial sector can set up a well-functioning workspace.

Customised solutions

With our own product development and years of experience, we can create customised versions of Treston solutions, to best suit the use case at hand. Our strong design expertise helps make the spaces function and the work run smoothly, not just in the workspace but in the manufacturing process as a whole.

Experts at your disposal

Smart workspaces are designed from the viewpoint of ergonomics, they comply with the requirements of the LEAN philosophy, and the solutions also work in ESD protected areas (EPA).

We have extensive expertise in ergonomics and the 5S method of LEAN, and our solutions always aim to make the daily routines of employees more fluent, make work more efficient, and improve quality. We also specialise in EPAs and furniture with ESD protection used in EPAs, and we do continuous development work with these products. Our other areas of expertise include packing and logistics.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a smart and functional solution for your working environment.


See what our customers say

"The Treston benches like the FT Technologies product are rugged and designed to last."
David Walch, Operations Director, FT Technologies
"Treston was a great partner in designing a custom packing bench and worktable solution for Christie’s."
Emily Sarokin, Christie's Auction House NYC
"Treston NaturLite LED 1200 gives so bright light that we've been able to reduce number of other task lights."
Daniel Norberg, Production Engineer, Senseair AB
"We can obtain everything we need from one place. That makes procurement easier."
Jouni Mäkelä, Manager, sensors and engineering, Stresstech
"With Treston's ergonomic workplace solutions we have improved well-being of employees and our efficiency."
Fabrice Robinet, Nexans Interface
"Thank you for the informative day at Treston. Your great team impressed me with their knowledge."
M. Huber, Kaiserslautern, SKS Welding Systems GmbH
"With a fleet like this, I can almost literally put any project anywhere."
Jim Leonard, Operations Manager, MCPc