Installation services

Seamless Installation with Treston

We understand the value of your time therefore our installation service is crafted to be swift and efficient, allowing you to enjoy your Treston furniture without unnecessary delays.

No matter which Treston product you choose, our installation service is available across the entire range. From workbenches to storage solutions, experience the Treston touch from start to finish.

Why you should choose Treston installation service?
Expertise you can trust
  • Rely on our team’s in-depth knowledge as the manufacturer for the best experience
Time efficiency
  • Swift and efficient installation ensures you minimal downtime.
Waste Removal
  • Beyond installation, we handle waste removal, leaving your workspace clean and ready for immediate use.
Tailored Service
  • Have any special requirements? We can tailor our service to work around any obstacles you might have.
Let the experts handle it

Our team ensures that your new Treston products are seamlessly integrated into your workspace. We are here to help in even the largest of projects.

Contact our sales team to schedule an installation. Note: always ask for the availability in your area. 

Request a quote for an installation

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