Treston Electric Desk TED for industrial use

The Treston Electric Desk TED comes with quick, silent and wide height adjustment. This ergonomic sit-stand desk perfectly suits light-duty assembly work, packing applications, R&D and industrial offices. The desk can be customized with accessories which further enhance ergonomics, free desk space and provide order. The table withstands high loads and is stable at all heights.

  • Wide height adjustment range 630 - 1270 mm (range 64 cm)
  • Quick and silent adjustment, 22 mm per sec
  • Four sizes: depth 800 mm and widths 900, 1100, 1500, 1800 mm
  • ESD model available
  • Adapts to different needs with multiple accessories: swivel arms for screens and document holders, shelves with carton dividers, lights, castors, perforated back panel for tools, bins etc.
  • Desk load capacity 200 kg, for above-desk add-ons 80 kg
  • Reliable Nordic choice, compliant with standards
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