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Customised workstation solutions

Sometimes even highly modular industrial furniture and a large selection of accessories cannot meet all the needs of a diverse and ever-evolving working environment. 

We can answer customers’ specific needs by offering modified versions of our workstations and storage solutions, or by designing a completely tailor-made industrial furniture solution made to the customer’s specifications. 

Typical modifications 


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Treston offers both variations and complete custom-made solutions

Special custom-made industrial Treston bench with FiFO
A bench with tailor-made integrated FiFo system

Treston bench with a special custom-made integrated FiFo system. Based on the versatile Concept bench model. 

Customised industrial Treston trolley with tool storage
A trolley with custom-made tool storage

A special trolley with custom-made tool storage. The tailor-made trolley helps to get the tools close-by the working station.

Special custom-made Treston cabinet with sliding perforated panels
A custom-made cabinet with sliding perforated panels

A customised industrial cabinet with sliding perforated panels to give extra storage space.  

Why Treston
Support and advise
  • Our skilful and helpful sales engineers are here to help you reach the optimal workspace solution, which is ergonomic and productive, and working for your long-term success. From the initiation of a project to order processing and all the way to implementation on site, we are here for you.
Experience from various industries and applications
  • We have decades of know-how in designing complete workstation solutions for a wide range of industries and applications, from electronics industry's high-tech assembly applications to the specific needs of heavy industry.
Safety and ergonomics guaranteed
  • Treston ensures you get a safety approved and ergonomic solution. Treston's tailored solutions are based on proven concepts, and our expertise in ergonomics and ESD, as well as experienced engineering and manufacturing teams, ensure you get a risk-free solution.
Fast turn-around times
  • Over the years, we have established dedicated teams and streamlined our processes. Sales, the design team, and production all work smoothly together to deliver a fast turn-around time and the best customer experience. Our extensive product portfolio helps to get to a tailored solution affordably, and in-stock items ensure the project gets moving fast.

Customised workstation solutions : Request an offer or more information

Our work ergonomics specialists are ready to answer your inquiries.

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Contact us. Whether you are looking for a special ESD-compliant accessory for an electronics assembly station, an integration solution between a packing station and automated conveyor lines, or completely custom-made high-tech lab furniture, we can help.

Expert support and innovative solutioneering 

We listen to your challenges, observe the working area and processes, and give support and advice to find the best-possible affordable solution. Often the best solution is a mixture of a standard, well-accessorised workstation with well-designed, customised parts, giving you a competitive edge whether you are looking to maximise the usage of space, create an efficient integrated workflow, or improve worker ergonomics and well-being. We like to call ourselves solutioneering experts, as we combine innovative solutions and our engineering skills in a quest for the best workstation solution for you.

Ergonomic, safe, and affordable custom solutions 

Our expertise in ergonomics, lean and ESD, combined with our experienced sales and engineering teams, and versatile manufacturing methods, ensure you get a tailor-made solution that takes into account the standards of ergonomics and safety. Our wide product and accessory range combined with our engineering power and in-house manufacturing ensure that custom solutions can be designed affordably and with a fast turn-around time.