Treston Quick Edge workstation

The Treston Quick Edge Workstation has a new, innovative mechanism for extremely fast height adjustment. This industrial workstation is designed, for example, for packing and logistic centres, where the desk height adjustment is done according to the differently sized cartons. The Treston Quick Edge Workstation adapts for operators of different standing heights and increases both performance and ergonomics.

  • The quickest height adjustment on the market - no electricity needed
  • Patent pending solution: Adjust the optimal height effortlessly for every task / produced item
  • Extremely wide height adjustment range 570–1300 mm
  • Multiple accessories available: swivel arms for tool holders and screens, LED lights, shelves with dividers for cartons
  • Expand the workstation easily with multi trolleys, carton trolleys, and packing material roll stands
  • Can be customised for various operating environments
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