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Cycli - ergonomics in bike maintenance with Treston’s workshop furniture

Founded in 2015, a bicycle shop Cycli has grown over the years, establishing its place among cycling lovers in Western Finland. Cycli services its customers in three stores and via online shop. With the growth of the company, its original premises and workshop furniture no longer met the needs of the increased operations. By introducing adjustable, movable, well accessorized and sturdy workstations, Treston helped to improve ergonomics, optimize tool organization, streamline the maintenance process and enhance efficiency.

Renewal of maintenance facilities with new workshop furniture

The starting point was the need to renew bike maintenance facilities, where the original workshop furniture no longer supported efficient working. The maintenance needs of e-bikes are developing, so the functionality of the maintenance room must also meet the needs of the future. Over time, maintenance personnel have also been hired, so the company needed more installation locations. The problem was also the lack of organization of the spaces, and the goal was to clarify the entire workspace.

The old worshop furniture did not meet the needs of the work

The solution was found by a local Treston sales representative, who contacted Cycli and presented the possibility of improving the functionality of the maintenance facilities. The project started in the summer of 2023, and the cooperation resulted in a solution that meets Cycli's needs.  

Cycli was looking for an improvement to its service facilities, where the maintenance of electric bikes required sturdy furniture.

Treston supplied the premises with, among other things, heavy workbenches, a tool trolley and mobile height-adjustable work surfaces that met the maintenance needs of the electric bikes. A particularly flexible solution were the mobile work surfaces that could be moved on wheels, which enabled flexible working with e-bike diagnostics.

Thanks to the mobile height-adjustable work surfaces, it is now easy to read the diagnostics of the e-bikes in the premises

With the help of the mobile height adjustable work surface MLCT, it is now easy to bring the diagnostic analysis of the wheels close to the workstation where it is needed. "The bike is attached to the maintenance rack, which allows a mobile diagnostic tool to be brought next to the electric bike. The mobile workstation can also be taken near the bike assembly point, where updates to the initial installation of the bikes are made. In addition, new installation locations were added in the premises and the workspace was rationalized, which significantly improved the flow and general cleanliness of the workstations." says Cycli's CEO Tapio Roiha.

New workshop furniture improved efficiency and ergonomics

Picking of the tools is easier and the order of the tools is now clearer

The new facilities and the solutions provided by Treston have brought tangible improvements to Cycli's everyday life. "With the new workshop workbenches, the ergonomics of the employees has clearly improved, as the workstations are now adjusted to take ergonomic needs into account," says Tapio Roiha and continues that the workstations must also be sturdy when the components are heavy. In addition, the handling of the components sometimes also requires the use of force, in which case the workstations must withstand also shocks. According to Roiha, the general cleanliness of the maintenance rooms has risen to a new level. It is easier to take tools, and the tool chutes and dividers have also made it easier to organize the tools in the drawers. 

Efficiency, ergonomics and cleanliness are now part of everyday life
Efficiency, ergonomics and cleanliness are now part of everyday life, and the Cycli team can focus even better on offering its customers quality bike services. Investing in solid and durable workshop furniture makes a significant difference to the operation of the company and the well-being of the employees. 
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