Treston Ergo

The Treston Ergo is a highly adjustable, ergonomic chair for use in industrial and technical working environments. The modern technical features of the Ergo enable the user to maintain a correct sitting position in various production environments. The forward-tilting seat is helpful in work that requires precision, and the normal-sized back rest allows the user to move, turn, and bend their upper body. Suitable for use in light assembly work, workshops, packing areas, and production.

  • User-friendly, can be adjusted quickly
  • The chair’s back rest shapes itself around the user’s body position and it has height adjustment
  • The seat has height and tilt adjustment
  • Accessories include 4D armrests (with height, width and depth adjustment, and a swivel function)
  • A large, ergonomically designed seat, back rest, and lumbar support
  • The Ergo 25 and 35 are available with wheels or leg caps
  • Excellent value for money
  • 10-year warranty
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