Treston NaturLite LED

Treston NaturLite LED lights provide high quality workstation lighting.

Individually adjustable workstation lighting to illuminate the whole worktop. 4 models with high-quality, bright light. The dimming option guarantees that each workstation user gets exactly the amount of light that they need. Adequate lighting even for high-precision technical assembly work. The Plus 1200 model also has colour temperature adjustment, ranging from warm to cold white. Side lights enable eliminating all shadows from the work area, or creating shadows where they are needed.

  • Four dimmable models to choose from
  • The 1200 model for workbenches of 1500 mm or wider, colour temperature 4000 K
  • The 900 model for narrow workstations, colour temperature 4000 K
  • The Plus 1200 model has stepless colour temperature adjustment (2700 K – 6500 K)
  • The Wing 500 model is suitable for use as a side light or even for placing in the middle of the workbench, colour temperature 4000 K
  • Wattage of 14-60 W, illuminance of 800–3000 lux (lumen per square metre)
  • LED life of 50,000 hours
  • Achieving energy-efficiency with minimal maintenance measures
Treston NaturLite LED lights provide high quality workstation lighting.

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Good lighting completes the workstation

Good ergonomics at work also includes lighting, and adjustable, high-quality workstation lighting improve satisfaction and efficiency. The Treston NaturLite LED family of light fixtures includes a suitable solution for most workstations, and the above-workbench models can be mounted on all Treston workbenches using a light and balancer rail. Lights can also be mounted on most other industrial workbench models and, if necessary, customised mounts can also be manufactured.

In industrial and technical environments, lighting plays a key role. Read more about lighting, its effect on humans, and how to choose the correct workstation lighting for an industrial environment, in Treston’s e-book on lighting. Download the workstation lighting eBook!
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Treston NaturLite LED: Request an offer or more information

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"The Treston benches like the FT Technologies product are rugged and designed to last."
David Walch, Operations Director, FT Technologies
"Treston was a great partner in designing a custom packing bench and worktable solution for Christie’s."
Emily Sarokin, Christie's Auction House NYC
"Treston NaturLite LED 1200 gives so bright light that we've been able to reduce number of other task lights."
Daniel Norberg, Production Engineer, Senseair AB
"We can obtain everything we need from one place. That makes procurement easier."
Jouni Mäkelä, Manager, sensors and engineering, Stresstech
"With Treston's ergonomic workplace solutions we have improved well-being of employees and our efficiency."
Fabrice Robinet, Nexans Interface
"Thank you for the informative day at Treston. Your great team impressed me with their knowledge."
M. Huber, Kaiserslautern, SKS Welding Systems GmbH
"With a fleet like this, I can almost literally put any project anywhere."
Jim Leonard, Operations Manager, MCPc