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Manual workbenches

Discover our wide selection of industrial manually adjustable workbenches designed for durability and versatility. With sturdy construction and customizable accessories and features, our manual workbenches provide the ideal workspace for various industries and applications.

The Allen key and hand crank versions are best suited for working areas that serve a single operator during a single shift or don't require constant height adjustments.

The innovative Treston Quick Edge with patented spring adjustment mechanism offers the quickest height adjustment on the market, and is suitable for applications needing constant height adjustment.

Allen key adjustable workbench selection
Allen key concept workstation
Ergonomic Concept workbench
- Max load 500kg
- Height adjustment range 670-1100mm
- ESD versions
WB workbenches with allen key adjustment
WB workbench
- Max load 300kg
- Height adjustment range 700-1100mm
- ESD versions
Allen key workshop table
Workshop workbench
- Max load 1000kg
- Height adjustment range 750-1000mm
- Five worktop options
Hand crank and spring adjustable workbench selection
 Concept workbench with hand crank adjustment
Concept Workbench
- Max load 200kg
- Height adjustment range 675-1025 mm
- ESD versions
Manual hand crank wb
WB Workbench
- Max load 200kg
- Height adjustment range 700-1100mm
- ESD versions
Treston Quick Edge Workstation
Treston Quick Edge Workstation
- Quickest height adjustment on the market - no electricity needed
- Widest height adjustment range, 570-1300 mm
- Patent pending solution

Treston’s industrial manual workbenches

  • Sturdy construction: Our industrial manual workbenches are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Designed to withstand heavy use, they provide a reliable and stable workspace for various applications.
  • Market's widest range of accessories: Our workbenches can be customized with the market's widest range of accessories, which makes them perfectly compatible for LEAN. Keep your tools, equipment, and supplies organized and within reach, promoting a clutter-free and efficient workspace.
  • Integrated storage options: Our manual workbenches can be accessorized with integrated storage solutions, such as drawers, cabinets, and shelves.
  • Versatile applications: Our manual workbenches are designed to cater to a wide range of industries and applications. From heavy industries to laboratories and assembly lines as well as packing applications, our workbenches are versatile enough to meet diverse needs.
  • Perfectly suitable for ESD areas: Treston offers manual workstations which are ESD protected and perfect for creating an ESD Protected Area (EPA).
  • Innovative solutions: The workstation that offers the quickest height adjustment on the market is the manually adjustable Treston Quick Edge Workstation. With patented spring mechanism, the Treston Quick Edge Workstation adapts for operators of different standing heights and increases both ergonomics and performance. It’s suitable for environments where quick exchange interval is needed or no electricity is available.
  • Customized workbench solutions: Our own product development, in-house manufacturing, and years of experience ensure we also can efficiently create unique task-specific versions of Treston workbenches, to best suit the use case at hand.
Benefits for manually adjustable workbenches
Enhanced productivity
  • With a sturdy and spacious build our industrial manual workbenches facilitate efficient workflow, allowing you to complete tasks with ease. Organizational features ensure that tools and materials are readily accessible, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
Industrial ergonomics comfort
  • Hand crank, allen key and spring adjustable options enable ergonomic working positions. Height adjustability helps reduce strain, minimize fatigue, and improve overall comfort, leading to enhanced focus and performance.
Durability and longevity
  • Built to withstand demanding work environments, our manual workbenches offer exceptional durability. The robust construction ensures they can handle heavy loads and endure constant use, providing a reliable workspace for years to come.
Cost-effective solution
  • Manual workbenches offer a cost-effective alternative to their electric counterparts, providing reliable functionality without the need for electrical components or maintenance.
Versatile workspace
  • Our manual workbenches accommodate a variety of tasks and projects, making them suitable for a wide range of industries. From woodworking and metalworking to laboratory work and assembly tasks, our workbenches adapt to your needs.

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