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In the manufacturing industry, companies aim to manufacture products that their customers need, deliver them when they need them, quickly, cost-effectively, and using the smallest amount of resources possible. Companies also want to avoid unnecessary intermediate storage that ties up their capital.

According to the philosophies of LEAN and the 5S method, the implementation of the manufacturing process should be based on optimising the organisation of tools, material flow, and people; avoiding loss and unnecessary work; and minimising setup times. The goal is to continuously improve the fluency of work processes by consulting those who do the work.

LEAN is smart manufacturing that improves productivity and results

The company and its employees benefit in many ways from a manufacturing process and related workstations that have been set up in accordance with the LEAN philosophy.

  • Tools do not get lost
  • Work takes less time and effort
  • The workplace is safer
  • Well-being at work increases
  • Lead times are shorter
  • Costs decrease due to minimised waste
  • Both productivity and production volumes increase 

The modular and ergonomic workstation and material flow solutions developed by Treston are designed for manufacturing environments in which the optimisation of process steps is needed. Treston products, which can easily be modified with accessories, support LEAN thinking and enable optimised process design and implementation. Treston products also take into account the individual needs of employees and the changing needs of companies, including small batch sizes and changing set-ups and series.

The Lean system is everything that adds value for the customer and helps set things in the right order. The goal is to eliminate anything that does not add value. We understand that our customers does not want to pay for goods that are driven back and forth by forklift.

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