Deltacab customer story

Customer Story

Deltacab turns to Treston for transforming workspaces for optimal performance

Deltacab, a leading wiring workshop serving diverse industries, has recently modernised its production facility with Treston workstations, marking a significant leap in productivity and employee satisfaction. Tristan Bonnier, Production Manager at Deltacab, shares insights into the decision-making process and the positive impact on their operations.

Context and challenges

Established in 1993, Deltacab has emerged as a renowned wiring workshop catering to various industries (railway, leisure, medical, etc.). Specialising in custom cable assembly, the company experienced substantial growth, leading to the expansion of its facilities in 2023. Now consisting of 20 cable assemblers, the need for additional workstations arose during this expansion, prompting Deltacab to seek ergonomic and standardised solutions. 

"Previously, we didn't consider ergonomics at all, and the workstations were rather handmade. Now we needed more ergonomic and standardised workstations, equipped with surrounding equipment around the workstation. The modularity is very practical because we can personalise it according to the person working on it, quite simply." - Tristan Bonnier - Production Manager

Deltacab customer story - TP workstations

Choosing Treston via the online 3D configurator

The first contact with Treston was made online. Although not very familiar with the brand at that time, Tristan Bonnier was immediately drawn to the intuitive 3D configurator, accessible on the Treston website. The continually evolving platform offered him the opportunity to visualise and customise tailor-made workstations, perfectly suited to the specific needs of his company.

The configurator is very user-friendly, allowing us to quickly design workstations that meet our requirements.

Collaborative approach and decision-making

Following the online interaction, Romain Leroy, Treston's Sales Manager, initiated a meeting to refine Deltacab's needs and discuss equipment configurations. Romain quickly grasped the requirements and proposed workstations tailored to the company's environment and activities. The collaboration led to the selection of Treston TP workstations, with Deltacab opting for 98% of the proposed solutions.

Deltacab customer story - TP workstation

The ability to customise each workstation for individual needs was a key factor in our decision.

Improved ergonomics and employee satisfaction

Deltacab's decision to upgrade workstations was motivated by the desire to enhance working conditions in the cable assembly process, involving significant manual labor. The new Treston workstations, equipped with adjustable features and ergonomic accessories, provided noticeable comfort. "The comfort level is exceptional, and the entire team is delighted with the change," says Mr. Bonnier.

Although the recent implementation is still in its early stages, Bonnier anticipates positive results. The enhanced comfort and ergonomics delivered by the 12 Treston TP workstations equipped with bin rail, stacking bins, pull-out recycling bin, document stand, and magnifying lamp should contribute to improving employee well-being and positively influencing productivity.

We extend our gratitude to Deltacab and Tristan Bonnier for their trust.

Deltacab customer story


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