Workstations for manufacturing medical device and equipment 

Today more than ever, medical device and equipment manufacturers are in need to urgently increase their capacity. Also many companies which have never manufactured medical or health care equipment, have transformed their production lines to help combat the Covid-19 virus. For example, in Finland a ski wax manufacturer has turned into a hand sanitizer manufacturer and in the UK the home appliance technology company Dyson has developed a whole new ventilator in 10 days to address the needs of coronavirus patients. Liquer and perfume companies, such as Louis Vuitton, turn into hand sanitizer manufacturers while other fashion designers turn into making facial masks. 

Concept-Arbeitstisch in ESD-Ausführung mit Zubehör

Medical device and equipment manufacturers, such as manufacturers of respiration masks, respirators, health care monitoring systems, diagnostics or laboratory equipment and healthcare supplies, have varying needs for their manufacturing facilities.

Treston can service the medical device and equipment manufacturers with highly modular and safe ESD compatible workstations, trolleys, drawers and storage solutions which can be accessorized with bins, tool holders, component racks, ESD straps and more. 

Treston has the largest selection of accessories on the market comprising hundreds of different kind of accessories.

  • ESD models available of each product category
  • A range of cleanroom compatible workstations and accessories (cleanroom suitability ISO class 7)
  • Products can be painted with antimicrobial paint - helps keep them hygienic
  • Largest selection of accessories on the market
  • Modular and adaptable, highly ergonomic workstations 
  • We follow the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Robust ESD products for delicate work 

The Medical device and equipment suppliers can easily create EPA (ESD protected area) with Treston’s furniture. All of our product categories include ESD compatible models which are suitable for use in handling sensitive components.

Modular furniture is future-proof and ergonomic

Thanks to a large selection of different kind of accessories, the investment is future-proof. The furniture can be accessorized today for one kind of production and the next day for another purpose. 

The modularity, adaptability and high adjustability also mean the workstations are ergonomic. They can be set up to suit and adapt to the needs of different employees and production lines on the fly, for all kinds of combinations as needed.

High quality products

Medical equipment manufacturers and healthcare environment

Whether you’re testing new pharmaceutical products in a medical facility, examining a piece of evidence in a forensics lab, or doing R&D in an industrial environment, we can help you design the ideal workstation. 

Our partners include:

Aalto University, GlaxoSmithKline, Nokia Solutions Networks, Roche, Fimlab Laboratories, Finnish Red Cross Blood services, Berkley National Laboratories, Covance Central Labs, Renmatix, BioMed Realty, Millipore Corp, UNLV, UT Austin, Abbott, Pfizer, Silliker, Janssen, Quidel, Genewiz, Bio Rad, Sandia National Laboratories, GE Healthcare

Drawer unit with castors by Treston

Drawer unit 45

450 mm wide and lockable. ESD-protected models. 100+ drawer combinations, and a cabinet version. Dividers also available.
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