Työpisteen ergonomian arviointitesti

A test for evaluating industrial workstation ergonomics

Take the free test and find out the possible ergonomic deficiencies of your industrial workstation before they cause musculoskeletal problems for employees and negatively affect work efficiency and productivity. Find out the possible ergonomic deficiencies of the industrial and technical workstations

The workstation is an important component of good ergonomics in industrial work, because working in an ergonomically functioning work environment is effortless, safe and healthy. In terms of the smoothness of work and healthy working, it is important that all components and tools are within easy reach at the workstation, and that there is no need to bend the body or reach with  the hands, which reduces tension, strain and discomfort. In this way, diseases of the musculoskeletal system can be prevented.

Find out the possible ergonomic deficiencies of the industrial and technical workstations. Take test HERE

Now you can test how well the ergonomics are implemented in your or your employees industrial workstations. Answer 18 questions and based on your answers, you will receive a report on the state of the ergonomics of your industrial workstation. The report also contains recommendations for improving workplace ergonomics, for example choosing the right working position, avoiding unnecessary reaching, creating a barrier-free and safe workspace, and handling manual loads.


Take the test and find out the ergonomic shortcomings of your industrial workstation 

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