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Heavy industry

Durable furniture helps you work safely

Workstations and workplace furniture used in the toughest of environments must be durable and robust, but also safe to use and ergonomic. In the shipbuilding industry and in workshops, workbenches, drawer units, and storage systems must be sturdy, yet versatile and reconfigurable. It must be possible to adjust the workplace furniture easily and quickly for each user, because this improves safety and well-being at work. 

Treston product families include sturdy and solid furniture for industrial environments in which large and heavy objects are handled. The furniture can also be integrated into automated solutions, eliminating the need to stop the process when the user changes, and allowing seamless material flow in accordance with the LEAN 5S. If the right solution cannot be found from among the standard products, a customised solution can be designed. 

Our partners include:
ABB, EDF, Finnair, Konecranes, Lockheed-Martin, Metso, Patria, Schlumberger, Siemens, Stresstech, and Wärtsilä

Fitter's trolley

Fitter’s trolley

A functional and durable trolley for tools and other supplies. A low model with a wide range of accessories. Maximum load 300 kg.
Treston heavy duty trolley is strong. Can handle loads up to 600 kg.

Heavy-duty trolley

A robust solution for moving extremely heavy loads. Four different combinations are available. Total load capacity up to 600 kg.
Treston Service trolley is tough and designed for demanding environments.

Service trolley

A sturdy trolley with drawers, customisable with accessories as needed. Maximum load 300 kg.
Treston heavy storage system is a perfect solutions for workshop and other heavy industry environments. Load capacity up to 400 kg per shelf.

Heavy shelving system

A solid and durable shelving unit for versatile storage. Versatile accessories. Robust shelves, load capacity up to 400 kg.
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