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Proper furniture enhances the joy of learning

In school and study environments, ergonomic and functional furniture enables pupils, students and teachers to focus on learning. Treston products include special solutions for the education sector, designed specifically with different learning environments and teaching methods in mind. We are involved in the Active Learning Alliance, which operates in Finland and was created to meet the changing needs of the learning environment due to the digitalisation of education. 

Digital devices are actively used in classrooms, and large screens need to be moved between spaces on a daily basis. Treston screen display holders are a functional solution for such spaces. On the other hand, charging cabinets give pupils and students the opportunity to safely store and charge different devices during the day. 

Treston furniture also includes many different solutions that can be used in workshops at schools. Workbenches with electric height adjustment can be easily and quickly adapted to the user, small-parts storage bin systems help keep parts and other items organised, and cabinets protect items from dirt and dust. Lockable furniture can be used to keep expensive and important items safe in spaces to which access is not restricted in any way. 

Our partners include:
Aalto University

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