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Automotive industry

Easy access to tools and supplies during work

In the automotive industry, working conditions are often demanding, and work is done both on workstations and production lines. The work involves using chemicals and handling heavy objects, so the furniture must be durable. The work also requires using different types of tools, which must be in their designated places at the right moment. On the other hand, sensitive components and parts that must be protected from dirt and dust are also handled in these environments. 

Quality Treston industrial furniture, such as trolleys, workbenches, perforated panels, hooks, and mobile furniture, ensures that work can be performed ergonomically anywhere it is needed. Our safe and modular, yet sturdy and durable furniture can be adapted and reconfigured effortlessly and quickly to meet individual needs. At Treston, design is based on creating a smoother workflow. 

Our partners include: 
Ford Motor Research & Engineering (Nanjing), Continental Automotive Systems (Shanghai), Delphi Packard Electric Systems, PSA, Renault, Sisu Trucks, RATP, SNCF, and VR Oy

Treston Service trolley is tough and designed for demanding environments.

Service trolley

A sturdy trolley with drawers, customisable with accessories as needed. Maximum load 300 kg.
Treston heavy duty trolley is strong. Can handle loads up to 600 kg.

Heavy-duty trolley

A robust solution for moving extremely heavy loads. Four different combinations are available. Total load capacity up to 600 kg.
Treston tool storage system provides up to 40m2 storage space. Max load capacity 1000 kg.

Tool storage system

Up to 40 m² of storage space for tools, including the heavier ones. A user-friendly organisation system. No mounting required.
Perforated panels by Treston.

Perforated panels

Efficient workstation storage. A wide selection of hooks and brackets. Mount on an upright tube, profile, or on a wall.
Treston heavy storage system is a perfect solutions for workshop and other heavy industry environments. Load capacity up to 400 kg per shelf.

Heavy shelving system

A solid and durable shelving unit for versatile storage. Versatile accessories. Robust shelves, load capacity up to 400 kg.
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