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Stresstech doesn't stress with Treston

The cooperation between quality-control equipment manufacturer Stresstech Oy and Treston goes back decades. Treston has delivered furniture such as workstations, cabinets, tool trolleys and chairs to Vaajakoski. Stresstech has been so satisfied with the arrangement that it has included a workbench manufactured by Treston in its own end product.

Stresstech Oy gets its production and sales furniture from Treston

If you cast a discerning eye over the premises of Stresstech, you will see Treston products nearly everywhere. Treston has supplied the production facilities with ESD furniture, workstations and ergonomic chairs. The company’s workstations for heavy work, warehouse cabinets, tool trolleys and stands for machine tool blades and other tools also bear the Treston logo.

Watch how Stresstech’s sales & marketing manager Janne Suoknuuti describes the cooperation with Treston.

”We can obtain everything we need from one place. That makes procurement easier,” says Jouni Mäkelä, the manager of the sensor and  engineering department. Stresstech does not purchase new furniture all that often, however. ”We have made many changes to our production facilities over the years. Nevertheless, if we need to change the locations of our workstations, they can easily be modified for new purposes,” he says. 

Stresstech values long-lasting, reliable and customisable furniture. Their workstations must be ergonomic and individually adjustable, and the option of customising Treston’s furniture with accessories such as tool balancers and lights is a definite bonus.

A decades-long relationship is a testament to customer satisfaction. Even more tellingly, Stresstech has adopted a Treston workbench as part of its own end product.

Customer story: Stresstech doesn't stress with Treston
Work in progress at Stresstech’s sensor department using ergonomic Treston workstations customised with accessories.

Stresstech manufactures measuring devices for the quality control of metal parts. The company’s products are based on the X-ray diffraction phenomenon, hole-drilling method and, as the only company in the world, the Barkhausen noise method.

The company’s largest customer segment is the automotive industry, but Stresstech also manufactures equipment for the needs of the aviation and energy industries, among others. Everything from software and device development to the manufacturing of electrical, electronic and mechanical parts is done in Vaajakoski.

The core of Stresstech’s business is the production of quality ready-to-use products that are easy to use. For this reason, the company goes a step further than much of the competition and also supplies customers with the furniture required by the use of Stresstech equipment if they wish. 

Customer story: Stresstech doesn't stress with Treston
Sensor and engineering department manager Jouni Mäkelä

”We frequently sell Treston workstations and CPU holders with our equipment. That way, the customer gets a complete, ready-to-install package and does not have to procure the furniture separately. This is the most convenient solution possible for our customers,” says Jouni Mäkelä.

The solution requires a reliable partner capable of delivering high-quality products on schedule. ”The products we sell need to be flawless and delivered on schedule, of course. That is why we also value smooth customer service and reliable deliveries. This is also true if the products happen to be damaged during transport. We have never had a problem with resolving a complaint with Treston.”

Stresstech also sells a product integrated into a Treston workstation. The X-ray measurement station consists of a guide track installed Work in progress at Stresstech’s sensor department using ergonomic Treston workstations customised with accessories. ”We deliver the furniture to our customers, so nothing but the best quality, delivered reliably on schedule, will do.”  The sample being measured is moved along the track, and a protective cabinet with an aluminium-profile framework protects the environment from the X-rays. The method requires a sturdy workbench capable of bearing weight, such as Treston’s modular Workshop workstation with a stainless-steel top.

”In our field, it is not common to sell furniture in addition to devices. We nevertheless want to serve our customers in the best possible way and provide them the complete package,” says sensor and engineering department manager Jouni Mäkelä. Furniture supplied by Treston plays a key role in this cooperation.

The Workshop workstation was chosen as the platform for the measuring device at an early stage of product design.
”The workstation has served our needs well. In the future, we want to make it easier to adjust the height of the heavy workstation without compromising the stability of the frame. We will tackle this challenge together with Treston,” says Jouni Mäkelä

Customer story in brief: Stresstech Oy


  • Stresstech Oy needs ergonomic, adjustable furniture for its offices and production facilities.
  • The furniture must be adaptable according to changes in production facilities and requirements.
  • The sturdy workstation and trolleys have to withstand heavy use while simultaneously making work easier.
  • The products must be of a quality that Stresstech can sell on to its own customers. 


  • Treston’s fully adjustable ergonomic workstation and chairs meet all requirements and last long.
  • The furniture has been successfully adapted to changes in the facilities. In addition, Treston’s lights and balancers make the workstations suitable for a variety of different production facilities.
  • As a testament to their satisfaction, Stresstech decided to integrate their X-ray measurement table with Treston’s Workshop workstation.
  • The deliveries run smoothly and any complaints have been resolved without a problem.


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