Storage systems

Good storage planning requires the combination of many elements. Treston line of storage products offers a flexible and first class range of storage solutions to build an effective storage system.

Our range of small parts cabinets, bin cabinets and many kind of storage bins give many options to store a wide variety of items. Our storage bins are molded from sturdy polypropylene, making them strong and stable in all normal conditions. Large label areas offer easy identification of contents, and bin color options are provided for color coding systems. Other options include cabinet turntables and trolleys, offering further flexibility.

Treston storage products can be used in conjunction with our workstations, to provide an organized and functional workspace. Storage solutions are suitable for demanding professional use in industry, distribution, retail, healthcare and education.



Visible storage cabinets

  Spacemisers for visible storage cabinets   Cabinet stands and trolley   Storage bin cabinets
Spacemisers for
storage bin cabinets
  High density storage cabinets   Storage bins   Shelf bins
Picking bins   Small drawers   Stacking bins   Stacking bin stands and gravity flow rack