Drawer unit 90

You can fit an amazing number of things in these spacious drawer units. Choose the one that best meets your needs from two heights: 110 and 140 cm. The 110-cm-high drawer units include a cover that doubles as a worktop with a rubber mat. This is the ideal height for working standing up. The safety locking prevents other drawers from opening while one drawer is open. The drawer unit can be moved with a pallet truck or a forklift when the base front plate has been removed.

NEW: All the drawers are 100 % extendable, also available with a load capacity of up to 200 kg!

The drawer unit 90 has been updated; all the drawers are now 100 % extendable. The load capacity of the standard drawers is 75 kg, but all the drawer units are available with drawers that have a load capacity of up to 200 kg!

More information on all available drawer unit 90 combinations here.

Some examples of the wide selection are listed below.

 90/140-4 90/110-4

Drawer interiors

Tool troughs 35 and 45 mm Tool troughs 45 and 70 mm Pick up boxes
Middle dividers and plates 2 Horizontal dividers Middle dividers and plates 4
Middle dividers and plates 5 Middle dividers and plates 6 Rubber mat for the drawer bottom