Versatile drawer units

It can be surprising how much time is spent looking for tools and other items if they are not stored systematically. Our comprehensive range of drawer units provide easy and efficient storage for tools and supplies.

You can fix a drawer unit under a worktop, equip with a base unit or add castors to move around your workplace. The robustness of the drawer units makes them ideal for heavyweight supplies and tools, in, for example, a repair workshop or the engineering industry.

Unique: Our biggest drawer units are equipped with a detachable front plate and sturdy base structure, allowing them to be moved with a pallet truck or forklift.



  • 100% opening drawers, no wasted storage space
  • Max load 75 or 200 kg per drawer
  • Fix under a worktop, equip with base or add castors for easy mobility
  • Several different frames and drawer sizes
  • Over 750 different combinations to choose from


Drawer units for light loads

These drawer units are designed for storing lightweight items, for example in a testing laboratory or in an office environment.

Drawer units for heavy loads

These robust drawer units are ideal for storing heavyweight supplies and tools, for example in a repair workshop or in the engineering industry.


We promise that you will find a drawer unit that meets your requirements in our comprehensive range. You can choose from several different heights and drawer and interior combinations. We have selected some combinations here; for more options please contact

Drawers colour options: light grey, dark grey, blue and red. Additional colours are available on request.


Light steel cabinet LMC Drawer units 30 and 35 Drawer unit 45
Drawer unit 55 Drawer unit 70 Drawer unit 71

Drawer unit 75 Drawer unit 90 Drawer unit 130


Watch this Treston animation showcasing the versatile usage options of Workshop furniture for industrial environments: