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New product launch: When precision drives your decision, Treston Quatrex is the solution.

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest innovation in industrial workbenches - Treston QuatreX electrical workbench. Designed to meet the demands of precision work across various industries, Treston QuatreX has been designed with stability, flexibility, and ergonomics in mind.
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Stability, Speed & Precision:

Treston QuatreX combines the stability of a traditional four-legged workbench with the added advantage of height adjustment, ensuring minimal vibration for tasks that require precision. With four powerful motors, it offers the fastest adjusting speed we have ever designed for electric workbenches, allowing users to transition from down to up in less than 14 seconds.

Treston QuatreX electrical workbench

Flexibility & Versatility for various industries:

For the first time, users can utilize both perforated and aluminium uprights, providing unparalleled flexibility in workstation setup. Whether it's luxury goods manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, fine mechanics, logistics, maintenance, or R&D labs, Treston QuatreX adapts seamlessly to diverse industry needs.

Safety & Modern Design:

Optional side plates, available as accessories, ensure a safe and secure environment when two tables are used side by side, enhancing workplace safety. Moreover, with its modern design, Treston QuatreX adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace.

"We're thrilled to introduce the Treston QuatreX Electrical Workbench. This product was born out of market demand for stability, flexibility and speed. 

Kari Nokka, Product Group Manager at Treston

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Treston 3D configurator


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