Treston Plus - the all-inclusive ergonomic package

  • Best possible adjustment to body size
  • Supports the body in every position
  • For any work situation

Treston Plus offers all the ergonomic features you would expect in a good office chair, with the exception of being designed as a good workplace chair. Besides the outstanding ergonomic features, the requirements of industrial and technical working environments for the materials and construction of the chair are well taken into account. The all-inclusive ergonomic package ensures that it suits every single person and every single workplace situation, without having to make any compromise at all.

Especially well-suited for long lasting work with minor movements, where is a need for a large support area and open angle between the hip and upper torso. Ideal for example to R&D departments and semi-technical environments such as quality assurance and engineering.

mechanism with
weight regulation
  Seat height
  Seat tilt
  Seat depth
  Backrest height


Fabric upholstery

Treston Plus 40 BL   Treston Plus 40 BL ESD        

Artificial leather upholstery

Treston Plus 40 AL   Treston Plus 40 AL ESD        

Optional armrests and other accessories