Neon - new generation workplace chair

  • All the same adjustments and features as in ErgoPlus
  • In addition, changeable upholstery and flex strip for protection of the chair and its environment

Neon chair consists of two elements: the chair element with base and mechanism and the upholstery element. This offers many advantages, such as sustainability, flexibility, individuality and economy, which the changeable upholstery provides.

Neon is the new generation workplace chair. Simple production jobs are increasingly being replaced by tasks that are more complicated. Similarly, office and manufacturing workplaces are merging closer and closer together, and demands on the workplace are increasing. Neon combines ergonomic and functional characteristics to meet the demands of modern industrial workplaces.

mechanism with
weight regulation
  Seat height
  Seat tilt
  Seat depth
  Backrest height


Fabric upholstery

Neon 50, grey   Neon 50, orange   Neon 50 ESD, grey   Neon 50 ESD, orange

Optional armrests and other accessories