Flex - standing rest for best support in standing work and combined workplaces

  • 360° rotation of the seat
  • Easy height adjustment of the foot ring
  • Space saving
  • Slip resistant seat

Standing work is common in tasks where people have to change location often, or have to move around a lot, or have to communicate eye-to-eye with other people.

Flex standing rests allow you to stand for prolonged periods without any signs of fatigue by adapting to different body sizes, and supporting a person’s posture without forcing them into a particular position.

Did you know: The standing rest takes off 60% of your body weight from your feet compared to standing.

Seat swivel
range of 360°
  Seat height adjustment            


Polyurethane foam

Flex 18   Flex 18 ESD   Flex 19   Flex 19 ESD