Adjustable trolley TRTA

For general use in workshops, offices, production areas and hospitals. All shelves are individually adjustable and made of steel. The structure is light but sturdy. The end-frames of the trolley are made of round, powder coated steel tube (25 mm). Four turning castors (Ø 125 mm), two of which have brakes.


2-shelf trolley TRTA4082 2-shelf trolley TRTA4102 2-shelf trolley TRTA5082
2-shelf trolley TRTA4082 ESD 2-shelf trolley TRTA4102 ESD 2-shelf trolley TRTA5082 ESD
890 x 530 x 1020 mm 1090 x 530 x 1020 mm 890 x 630 x 1020 mm

2-shelf trolley TRTA5102 4-shelf trolley TRTA4104 4-shelf trolley TRTA5104
2-shelf trolley TRTA5102 ESD 4-shelf trolley TRTA4104 ESD 4-shelf trolley TRTA5104 ESD
1090 x 630 x1020 mm 1090 x 530 x 1515 mm 1090 x 630 x 1515 mm

Adjustable trolley accessories

Extra shelf TRHA408 Extra shelf TRHA410 Extra shelf TRHA508
Extra shelf TRHA408 ESD Extra shelf TRHA410 ESD Extra shelf TRHA508 ESD
800 x 430 mm 1000 x 430 mm 800 x 530 mm
Extra shelf TRHA510 End mesh panel Document holder A4
Extra shelf TRHA510 ESD    
1000 x 530 mm