Shelves and cabinets

Shelving units and cabinets are an essential element in keeping the workplace tidy and in good order. Shelving units can also be used as room divider elements and are available with ESD protection.

The service life and condition of tools can be significantly improved through their appropriate storage. They are stored in their own places, protected from dust and dirt, in a locked cabinet.

An open shelf is not always the best way to store things. Tools, expensive equipment, and small items need another type of solution. Through using lockable drawers or adding doors and walls, an open shelving system is turned into a versatile storage solution. Drawers can be fitted with a variety of interior combinations, to suit the tools stored in them.

Our storage system is built around the basic component, and extension parts, doors, screens, and other accessories can be added to create an efficient overall solution. In addition the shelf heights can easily be adjusted as needed. Even the load capacity can be increased by adding additional supports.

Door colour options: light grey, dark grey, blue and red. Additional colours are available on request. Please contact our agents or email us at:


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