When designing workstations and their lighting, we observe the recommendations of the EN 12464-1 standard on indoor workplace lighting.

These recommendations apply mainly to the actual workstation and its immediate surroundings. The conditions set by the standard must be met in every location where the workstation could be placed. This becomes possible only with adequate, ambient lighting or quality workstation lighting, the latter often being the more cost-efficient solution.

When designing the workstation lighting, the requirements of the work are determined first. A task that demands a good eye for detail usually calls for a spotlight. If the viewed object is square, at least two lights are necessary, in order to remove shadows. If the viewed object is a level surface, it can be illuminated with one long fluorescent lamp - though it is important to remember to direct any reflections away from the user.

Magnifying light ZL3       HiLite LED       SatelLite LED
ProLite 28       HiLite 54       SatelLite 36
Task Light                
Overlight OL254       Overlight with dimmer OL254 D       Sidelight SL224