Public service and archiving

Furniture fitted for each job and item

Public services are an extensive group of services funded by society, which promote the safety of citizens, for example. Ergonomic and robust Treston workplace furniture is well suited for use in fire and rescue departments, for example. In addition to workbenches, the product range includes different types of drawer units, trolleys and storage solutions.

Various archiving solutions, used by museums, among others, can be implemented with Treston furniture. They help maximise the use of space and keep items safely in their designated places, where they can be easily accessed when needed. The quality, load capacity, and durability of Treston shelves and storage systems meet the high requirements set for storage spaces and workspaces located in public premises. They are easily adaptable, and also easy to disassemble and move somewhere else to be reassembled. 

Our partners include:
Helsinki Art Museum, Musiikkitalo, Central Finland Fire and Rescue Department in Jyväskylä, Malmi Cemetery, Helsinki’s main police station in Pasila, the Maritime Museum of Finland, and the Provincial Archives of Turku

Treston shelving system for industrial and technical workplaces is modular and versatile. Build a storage based on your own needs.

Shelving system

A versatile shelving system for all storage needs. Several depths. Also serves as an individual shelf or cabinet. Accessories.
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