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Uncompromising quality and careful finishing

Luxury items rely on perfection, down to the last detail. Exclusive and special products are always manufactured with great passion, catering to the needs with the customer in mind and often according to their specifications. Hand-made products are meaningful and, being more than just a product, they are often also part of a story. 

Ergonomic workstations in which all the necessary tools and materials are within easy reach make manufacturing demanding luxury products easier, and enable great attention to detail and a smooth manufacturing process. Treston product families include workbenches with electric motor height adjustment, which can be supplemented from a wide range of accessories, to meet all kinds of needs. Each tool has its designated place, materials can be put away into stacking bins, and everything can be effortlessly moved around on trolleys. 

Our partners include:
Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton

Ergonomic Concept workbench is versatile, modular and durable table, ideal for industrial needs

Ergonomic Concept workbench

A versatile workbench. Many sizes, the widest range of accessories on the market. Available with ESD protection. Max load 500 kg.
WB workbench, easily adaptable table, suits to back-to-back and corner solutions

WB workbench

An ergonomic, aesthetic, and easily adaptable workbench. Also with ESD protection and electric motor adjustment. Max load 250 kg.
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