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Customer Story

Microelectronics manufacturer chose Treston ESD furniture to ensure high quality

"Now the measurements will become more accurate and faster, the risk of damage to the tested components and materials will be reduced, and the finished product will become even better," says Ivan Kupriyanov, resource quality management engineer at GS Nanotech.

GS Nanotech is a center for the development and production of microelectronics. According to GS Nanotech they are the only Russian company to develop and mass-produce proprietary microprocessors for consumer electronics, including system-in-package, SiP. On the territory of the enterprise there are about 750 m2 of clean rooms that meet the most stringent production requirements and international standards.

The production capacity of the plant allows to produce up to 20 million microprocessors per year and up to 1 million SSD per year. The company's activities have been awarded with many prizes such as CNews Award in the category “Russian Technologies” and “Amber Mercury” in the category “Best innovative enterprise”. GS Nanotech is part of the GS Group investment and industrial holding.

Quality tipped the scales for Treston

Proper quality control is an extremely important part of the production process. When  components are properly inspected, the quality of the finished product is also improved. 

In order to bring material control in line with international standards, GS Nanotech planned to increase the level of inspections and decided to equip a new site with specialized workstations. 
The initiative came from the plant's employees, inspectors and engineers of the quality service. They also suggested what kind of furniture the site should be equipped with. 

“The management decided to turn to Treston, known to be the world leader in creating ergonomic industrial furniture, because their products are of high quality. This is especially important for GS Nanotech as we have specific needs for the storage of production materials and special requirements for handling them," says Ivan Kupriyanov, resource quality management engineer at GS Nanotech.

Modular ergonomic workstation transforms for any needs

GS Nanotech Treston workbench

“TRESTON has provided a specialized workplace with a modular architecture that can be transformed for any needs. Transport trolleys allow you to transport tools and materials, and a spacious ESD cabinet protects the inspected parts from the adverse effects of the environment. The new workplace is equipped in full compliance with international standards and GS Nanotech's own standards. The workplace is specialized and aimed at conducting inspections of SMD components and SSD disks in particular.», continues Ivan Kupriyanov.



GS Nanotech recommends Treston

  • Excellent ergonomics of the furniture
  • ESD furniture protecting components
  • Guaranteed product quality
GS Nanotech Treston workbench
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