Treston Packing Bench TPB


Treston Packing bench TPB is a well thought-out, safe and easy all-in-one choice.

  • Safe, economic and ergonomic all-in-one choice
  • Adapts and grows according to needs
  • 50+ accessories and add-on products available
  • One flat pack contains all the basic equipment
  • Easy to buy, transport and assemble

This packing table adapts and grows according to your needs. You don’t need to know what your business will look like in two years' time, as you can add and remove accessories as you go. Start small and add from over 50 accessories based on your needs. TPB comes in one flat pack and is easy to assemble. Perfect packing table option for cost-conscious users.

Carefully selected materials, high-quality finishing, epoxy powdercoated steel parts RAL 7035. Laminate bench top, 25 mm low-pressure laminate.


Packing bench TPB915    
Packing bench TPB918    
Packing bench TPB
example 1
Packing bench TPB
example 2
Packing bench TPB
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