Packing bench Concept


Treston Packing bench Concept accomodates the most demanding needs.

  • For all packaging needs, no need for compromises!
  • Wide variety of modules, options and variations
  • Largest number of accessories on the market
  • Sturdy, stable, high-quality

You can choose from various table top material options, sizes and lengths; allen key, hand crank or motor adjustable bench frames; racks for holding bins, cutters, rolls, and more; an endless number of modules and accessories including cutters, tape dispensers, PC stands and more.

Whatever the variation you need, you can build it from Concept and its modular elements. Modules fit together seamlessly, giving you an opportunity to create a complete packaging solution, perfectly matching your needs. Building packaging combinations from varying, yet standard modules makes it possible to create an ergonomically well-functioning packaging solution which is also robust and economic. No need for costly extra modifications or compromises!


workbench frames
Packing bench Concept
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Packing bench Concept
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Concept bench tops    
Concept upright tubes    
upright tube modules

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