Workshop - workstations and storage space for industrial environments

Watch this Treston animation showcasing the versatile usage options of Workshop furniture for industrial environments:

Mechanical workshops, garages, machinery repair shops, maintenance units and heavy industry in general are some of the most demanding working environments with strenuous use, heavy loads and with use of chemicals. Especially in these tough conditions you should put emphasis on employee wellness, a safe working environment, long life time of furniture and equipment, as well as ease of workstation modification according to your changing needs.

When choosing workstation solutions for your heavy duty working environment, keep in mind that workstation’s purpose determines its design and specified accessories. When a workstation is well-planned and well equipped, workflow becomes easier and more efficient, improving ergonomics and making it easier to keep tools in the right place.

Robust Treston heavy duty furniture enables you to equip and adjust a workstation to an individual’s needs so that each phase of the production process can be completed efficiently, accurately and with maximum comfort for the user. The modular basic units cater to varying applications with the help of accessories.

Our references:

ABB, EDF, Finnair, Konecranes, Lockheed-Martin, Metso, Patria, Schlumberger, Siemens, Stresstech, Wärtsilä


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Demanding development projects require trusted partners with high quality products, good communication and short delivery times. That is why Treston has been a supplier for Stresstech for more than 20 years. Stresstech Group provides products and services for process control and quality inspection of camshafts, crankshafts, bearings, gears and valves, and its solutions monitor manufacturing processes in automotive, machine and aerospace industries worldwide.